SASSA Change Payment Method Online

If your intention is to get SASSA Change Payment Method Online then here you will find it. Those people who are receiving SASSA aid through any method and want to change the method to get the payment will get details here. There are three methods that are used to receive the payments. A lot of people don’t have bank accounts so they go for post service or cash send option. In all the cases, SASSA has introduced a procedure that can be used to change these methods. In addition, those who have any other reason for changing their bank account are also eligible to do so. So, you will find all these details here.

SASSA Change Payment Method

If you are selected for the SRD grant, follow the instructions that are mentioned below SASSA Change Payment Method.

  • CLICK HERE to proceed.
  • Below the Change banking details heading, you will find a space.
  • Enter your ID number in that space.
  • Now click the submit button. You will receive some details to log in.
  • This will lead you to the portal where you can SASSA changing payment method.
  • Enter the account number on which you want to receive the grant.

When changing payment methods, you have to show proof of your bank account or three months’ bank statement. The account must belong to you and proof is required.

SASSA Change Payment Method Online


Available Payment Methods

There are different methods through which SASSA transfer funds to the beneficiaries. The following methods can be used to receive these payments.

  • Bank Account: This is the best method for receiving payments. In this method, you just need your own bank account. So, when you are submitting the form, you have to add bank account details there.
  • Cash Send: If you do not have a bank account, this method is the safest one. Through this, the beneficiary can receive payment from a bank of his/her own choice. It just requires your phone number where you receive the message of payment arrival. You have to show this message to the bank and they will provide you with payment.
  • Post Office: There are a lot of people who do not have the above-given resources to receive payment. In the post office payment method, beneficiaries can get grants from the postal office. Look at 350 status check online.

Tips and Considerations

You are advised to keep some tips in mind. Don’t make these mistakes that can cause problems in the future.

  • The bank account you are entering for the payments is in your name. Using the account of any other person can cause issues.
  • Your account is open. If your bank account is closed, you will not receive the payments.
  • It is preferred that you use a bank account instead of a postal service. The reason is that it is the safest way and the payment is received via a bank account.
  • The phone number you provided to receive payment via cash method must be registered in your own name. SASSA Toll Free Number are given here in case of any issue you can call.

How To Change Sassa R350 Payment Method to Cash Send?

The procedure is mentioned above you can read it properly before changing the method.

In order to change SASSA payment method after you have been approved by the government to receive the payment, you must follow the entire process that we have laid out above. You must follow the steps that are mentioned above. In addition, keep in mind the tips that are necessary. So, that’s all about SASSA Change Payment Method Online. Hopefully, you got all the details you were looking for.

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