SASSA Disability Grant Online Application 2023 Form

This source is where you will get the SASSA Disability Grant Online Application 2023 Form. The citizens of South Africa who have a disability and are facing financial problems can apply for this grant. This grant is extended to physically as well as mentally disabled people. The selected ones will receive R2080 per month. So, medically proven disabled candidates who are not able to work due to their disability can get this financial aid if they get selected. Let’s get the complete details including the eligibility, application procedure, and other relevant information, in this post. 

SASSA Disability Grant

If you want to apply for the SASSA Disability Grant. You have to read this article carefully because here we give all the necessary information related to disability grants. An application procedure is also given.

Eligibility Criteria for Disability Grant

Before you apply for the grant, you must meet all the requirements that are mentioned below.

  • Only South African citizens, permanent residents, or asylum seekers are eligible. In addition, you must be living in South Africa.
  • The lower age limit is 18 years and the upper age limit is 59 years. 
  • A medical report confirming the disability (not longer than 3 years) must be submitted.
  • A means test must be passed by both the applicant and their spouse.
  • There are no social grants received for the applicant and he must not remain in a state institution.

SASSA Disability Grant Online Application 2023 Form


Sassa Disability Grant Online Application

Before applying, it is mandatory to go for a medical checkup by SASSA recognized practitioner. The report is reviewed by the authority and it chooses which candidate to select. After this, the application process starts. You can apply for it using the following process.

  • First, you have to the SASSA office where you can apply.
  • Get the application form and fill it out.
  • Give all the details that are required. Attach the documents that are mentioned in the next paragraph. 
  • Submit your form there. At the end, you will be given a receipt. Keep this because it is the proof of your application.

Required Documents for Disability Grant

The following documents are needed at the time of filling out the application.

  • Present the Identity Document. In case you don’t have it, you will submit an affidavit in the presence of a commissioner of oaths. A sworn statement is also necessary and must be signed by a reputable person. Meanwhile, your application for ID will also go on while the application is still in process.
  • Submit marital status proof (if married)
  • Showing proof of residency and income is necessary. 
  • You will also show proof of your assets, including property value.
  • A proof of private person is also important.
  • The past 3 months’ bank statements should be submitted.
  • Refugees will show their permit and ID.
  • Also, check the method of Moya App Download.

How Much Is Disability Grant

SASSA disability grant amount are given in the below image you can check.

How Much Is Disability Grant

Sassa Disability Grant Application Forms Pdf

Via the below link, you can easily access to disability grant application form.

Click Here

Mean Test For Disability Grant

It is an evaluation test to check the income of the person that he has given in the application form. This test includes different steps, for instance, the bank balance and property rate. So, if all the data you provided meets the requirements, you will get the payment soon.

Sassa Disability Grant Payment Date

Following are the dates of payment for the disability grant.

Month Name Date
August 08-03-2023
September 09-06-2023
October 10-04-2023
November 11-03-2023
December 12-04-2023
January 01-04-2024
February 02-05-2024
March 03-06-2024


Sassa Disability Grant Contact Number

For further helpline and inquires you can call at 0800601011.

If you are not well enough to go to the SASSA Office to apply, then it is allowed that your family member or friend can apply for you. This is a good step by the officials. So, that’s all about the SASSA Disability Grant Online Application 2023 Form. Hopefully, you got all the details that were required. Stay tuned for more relevant posts.

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